The RAF Flying Clubs’ Association Wings Scheme

In association with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the RAF Flying Clubs’ Association (RAFFCA) is delighted to launch the RAFFCA Wings Scheme and welcomes applications from RAF Flying Club members.

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Make It Happen

The Pilot Recognition for Operational Up-skilling and Development (PROUD) scheme is a new initiative by the CAA that aims to improve the skill levels of private pilots whilst also encouraging General Aviation (GA) associations and organisations to provide 'life-long' learning programmes for their members to help improve safety. The Scheme provides a framework for pilot training programmes to meet in order to achieve the CAA endorsement. Programmes must include a number of levels and show a logical progression of learning and development.

The RAFFCA Wings Scheme is approved by the CAA as PROUD provider No.007 and, as the first military flying organisation to achieve this prestigious accreditation, RAFFCA can award Wings for RAFFCA pilots at Cadet, Pilot, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels depending on a number of requirements and achievements for each level.

The scheme has been designed in collaboration with all 15 RAF Flying Clubs, and it recognises the unique mix of civilian and military skills and qualifications that can be obtained by club pilots. RAFFCA is especially pleased to adopt the excellent PROUD construct amongst its member clubs in order to develop piloting skills and knowledge through continued training and the ‘stretching’ of personal flying boundaries. The Scheme starts with a deliberately low entry standard to encourage the new trainee pilot to engage with the Scheme and encourage an early start to building on his/her initial PPL award.

The RAFFCA Execs wish you the best of luck with your application.... achievement of RAFFCA Wings status is an important recognition of your pilot qualifications and dedication to safety and flying achievement.